It was the year 2007 and I was in my final year of education at the University of Utah. I was sitting on my bed one evening thinking about what I wanted to do when I was done with school. At this point, I was very interested in personal finance. I thought to myself, maybe I should buy a domain name that I can use to teach finance. In hindsight, this seems a little premature as here it is 2018 and finally using that domain name I secured so many years ago. Why did it take me so long to get started on this website? That is a story we will explore in a future post.

The concept of Finance Mindset is something I have thought about almost every day since then. It has evolved as time has gone by, yet the general concepts remain the same. The evolution has grown to encompass more than just finance, as the principles affect nearly every aspect of our lives.

Selecting Finance Mindset

As I sat there trying to decide on a domain name, I kept thinking about the many people I had seen struggle with money over the years. As a young college kid, I remember feeling aimless in this same regard only a few years earlier.  I kept wondering, why are we not being taught about money in high school and college?  After all, getting a good paying job is only half the battle; the other half comes when we try to correctly manage the money we earn.

The more I thought about this need in society, the more I believed the issue evolved more around mindset than income. Most of us were either taught an incorrect way of thinking about money or even worse, were not taught at all. We had to develop our own ideas and habits along the way. Most times, when there is the absence of a proper foundation, error and incorrect principles have a funny way of creeping in and eventually taking over. When we experience this seemingly lost feeling, it is not uncommon for us to abandon hope instead of turning course.


When I Was Younger

When I look back on my younger self, I am disappointed in my lack of self-discipline when it came to money. Even from a young age, I felt the desire to work and earn money, but what to do with that money, I usually just spent it. Each summer I would work for the widows in my neighborhood doing yard work. For a young kid, I did fairly well. Instead of reinvesting this money into the necessary tools to grow my clientele, I spent it. Saving money didn’t ever cross my mind. As a result, I never got ahead in my yard maintenance business. I know this feeling of not getting ahead is a something we all experience more often than not. Fortunately, mindsets can change, and when they do, the effects can be powerful. We do not to have to repeat our past mistakes but are usually destined to if we do not change our mindset.


Time to Act

It is for this very reason I decided on this domain name so many years ago. This blog will be dedicated to the concept and idea of Finance Mindset and how it impacts most aspects of our lives. If we want to truly progress, we must first establish a correct foundation and then build upon in. As we adopt these new mindsets, we are giving ourselves permission to be a better version of ourselves.