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5 Ways to Prepare for the Next Recession

How Financial Uncertainty Affects Families   Where you affected by the government shutdown? Even if you weren’t, there is an important lesson in it for all of us. We all heard about the toll it was taking on families who where affected. Unfortunately, most of...

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4 Steps You Should Take Prior to Starting a Business

Have you ever wondered if you are cut out for being an entrepreneur? The excitement of ditching the 9-5, working from home, or starting a side-hustle is something I’m sure you hear about almost every day. We hear about the digital nomads of the world - who work...

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4 Steps you should take prior to starting a business

3 Common Money Mistakes

There are three main debt purchases that can derail our finances if we are not careful. The first two are seemingly necessary, and the last is a result of overall poor money management. 1. Buying an Expensive Car A few years ago, I had a young man who had just...

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3 common money mistakes with caution sign

Why Budgeting Usually Doesn’t Work

Let’s be honest, nobody likes budgeting – and those that do are a very unique breed. Statistics have shown that approximately 30% of households have a detailed budget. Polls can sometimes be misleading though because of our desire to look responsible when we are...

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How To Gain Momentum With Your Money And Your Life

Gaining Momentum is Everything It is impossible to separate success from momentum. Momentum is the act of moving forward. If you really want to find success you have to be moving forward. Momentum gives us confidence. We have all seen someone who is down on their...

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How to gain momentum with your money and your life