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What Is Net Worth and How to Track It

Think of the process of tracking your net worth as a report card – but for adults. As a child I dreaded parent teacher conferences because of these report cards. I knew my parents would come home and tell me my teachers had said I need to talk less and do more homework. When I was young, I even conjured up what I thought was a great plan for improving my grades – and no it didn’t include the...

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Tracking Net Worth

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The Joneses are also trying to keep up!

My kids have a remarkable talent. I am not sure how they have the energy to do it, but it seems as though they instinctively know when mom and dad are cleaning up one of their messes. Something must trigger inside their young developing minds that tells them: they are...

A Different Approach

As I thought about the purpose and approach of this blog, I knew I wanted to offer something different. My idea for Finance Mindset has never been about telling others how to handle their finances. Regardless of how we think about money, raising children, or any...

Have you forgotten your Dreams?

Life Will Distract Us If We Allow It To I remember that day as it if it were yesterday. I was sitting in a biology class studying to apply to dental school. I had chosen to become a dentist because it seemed like a profession where I could make a good income. My...

What is Finance Mindset?

It was the year 2007 and I was in my final year of education at the University of Utah. I was sitting on my bed one evening thinking about what I wanted to do when I was done with school. At this point, I was very interested in personal finance. I thought to myself,...




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