What Should I do with My Tax Refund

It's already tax time again, what a pain! I don't know of anyone who enjoys filing their taxes, but one thing is for sure, it makes the process much more enjoyable when you are getting money back. The real question is, what should you do with your tax refund? If...

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What should I do with my tax return

5 Ways to Prepare for the Next Recession

How Financial Uncertainty Affects Families   Where you affected by the government shutdown? Even if you weren’t, there is an important lesson in it for all of us. We all heard about the toll it was taking on families who where affected. Unfortunately, most of...

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Dollar bill close up preparing for recession

What Is Net Worth and How to Track It

Think of the process of tracking your net worth as a report card – but for adults. As a child I dreaded parent teacher conferences because of these report cards. I knew my parents would come home and tell me my teachers had said I need to talk less and do more...

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Tracking Your Net Worth with money growing

3 Common Retirement Mistakes to Avoid

In life there are many do-overs, unfortunately retirement is not one of them. There are ways we can make up for lost ground, but this can be difficult to do if we get too far behind. That being said there is no better time than the present to make sure you are...

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3 common retirement mistakes to avoid

3 Common Money Mistakes

There are three main debt purchases that can derail our finances if we are not careful. The first two are seemingly necessary, and the last is a result of overall poor money management. 1. Buying an Expensive Car A few years ago, I had a young man who had just...

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3 common money mistakes with caution sign

Money and Marriage

The truth about managing finances inside of a marriage is that it can be extremely difficult. Even if you and your spouse are particularly good at it, I’m sure there are still times when it causes tension. I recently came across a few interesting statistics that...

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Brick wall with text until debt tear us apart about money and marriage

Should I Pay off My Debt or Start Investing?

How you respond to this question will likely determine how much wealth you are able to build. The answer is that it really depends on your situation, but there a few criteria to consider when trying to decide which path to follow.   Paying off High Interest...

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Should I pay off my debt or start investing represented by man watering tree

How To Gain Momentum With Your Money And Your Life

Gaining Momentum is Everything It is impossible to separate success from momentum. Momentum is the act of moving forward. If you really want to find success you have to be moving forward. Momentum gives us confidence. We have all seen someone who is down on their...

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How to gain momentum with your money and your life

The Power of Compounding Everything Even Your Time

The time travel experiment: I have always enjoyed the “Back to the Future” trilogy. As I watch this movie, I have wondered what advice would I give my younger-self if I could travel back in time? There is no doubt we would all make a few changes from our past if we...

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The power of compounding money and everything else